HeLL of Student's LiFes...AcadeMic wRiTing....

Well... it's been damned long time i didnt update nething in my lil'bloggie.... i suppose to finish up my academic writing as i need to submit it on this Friday.. but too much of formal words that i need to deal with this week.. so i decided to take a break and have some typing of more relaxing wording...which is blogging...yeaaayyy!!!

Well.. i suppose can finish up my academic writing on last week, but too bad i was down with fever and flu, and i was unable to accommodate myself to do anything... i was just lying and sleeping all day long for about a week till my sickness say bye-bye to me... but it was nice dow because i been accompany by my favorite series which is The Fringe.. gosh when i watched it i suddenly felt regeret i didnt took up any saintis subject such as biochemistry subject during my diploma or after my spm last time...wakakka what a tot i guess... been damned influence by the series.. suddenly i want to become walter bishop.....

Neway... so much stories i missed out from my frens as i was sick and unable to lepak-ing with them on the whole week... and so much thing happen too.... need to update myself on this Friday... wait for me xoxo team.. heheh~

Okay..i think thats all for now.. i need to get back to my lovely and charming academic writing works... as i cant be too long to be away from it... thats y i really cant wait on friday as i will let you (academic writing) fly away freely and be with Zali forever....and make sure you say good thing bout me and help me to hypnotize him to give me an A+ okay academic writing... i'm good to you so u need superbly good to me too... muackksss till then xoxo~

Let's Cook Lemon Chicken.....

Well..its been a long time i didnt update my blog... i have lots n tons of stories wanna let go n out in this lil' bloggie but the thing is ....i dont have much time to blog....

Well....even dow 2day was quite tired... but i still have a lil tiny time to post sumthing in here... 2day i manage to cook lemon chicken dish..even dow 2day i was quite tired and came back home quite late.. and having a traumatism incident in sunway pyramid Jusco just now... but am still okay....hehhe...

OK..first thing first........

Marinate the chicken cube with beaten egg and a lil bit of salt........

Then...b4 you pan fry the chicken cube, dust it with corn starch till covered the whole base...

After that, pan fried it till golden brown and crispy......

Next step is cooking the lemon sauce but i forgot to take pic on it...basically we used lemon juice, pinch of salt and sugar as needed... then to make it thick used corn starch....Combine all the sauce ingredients in 1 bowl...then fry/heat it till thick....after the sauce heaten throughly...then put in the fried chicken cube and mix it tilll the sauce covered the whole chicken.....

This are the result if my chicken lemon.......well if u want it to look more nicer just put in few slices of lemon....

Me with my tired n oily face and my lemon chicken.. Hope this lemon chicken taste tasty...heheh ...

Last but not lease....Stay tuned for more......

a day OuT....

Yesterday which is on tuesday hhehe... a bit late to post but i still wanna post it...
Well..nothing much happen in the morning.. but during noon... around 1 something..i guess??!! cant remember the exact time... went to KLCC to meet up a gud fren of mine.........the intention to go there not just for meeting up my gud fren but to buy my media law & some novel too....

Went to Klcc to meet up with a gud fren and at the same time went to Kino to buy books...."Killing two bird with 1 stone.." hehe...

Upon reaching there... meet my gud fren in Kino'book stores... coz i wanted to get my media law book b4 go to lepak-ing with da 'gud fren of mine'... So went inside kino...was damn lazy to find the book so i was like... asking at the counter and give the isbn nos to one of the worker there.....then he went n get the book for me.. hehehe..as easy as that...... yeahh media law...gosh hoping i wont feel sleepy reading the book as i need to do some review for that subject...

I wonder how am i goin to read this book... as most of my fren said.. they felt sleep after the second line of the sentences... urgghh... by hook or by crook...i still hv to read it as i need to do review abt it... urghhh...Deal wit it Lisaaa!!!..i havent start anything yet..and...gosh the dateline on this coming Monday....lucily its at 6pm..hehe

Neway.... other than the media law book.. i also bought a novel.. i wanted to buy the P/s: I Love U's novel as many of my fren said .. the novel hv better story line compared to the movie.. so wanted to know myself.. i go and buy it.. hehe... well am a novel's lover dow... so no harm to add another novel in my collection... hehhe... well supose to get the P/S: I Love U novel only.. but am kind of weird y the novel am holding kind of thick...heerrmm??!! then just realise it.. its a 2 in 1 novel.... where it contains 2 stories in one book.. and only cost me about RM49.90 for a novel..hehe quite cheap eh for 2 stories... The novel contains of P/s: I Love U & If You Could see Me Now stories.... cant wait to read em` heheh...

Worth to buy eh... 2 stories in a novel.. heheh cant wait to read it.. i prefer to do review on this novel compared to the above book heheh... well study come first eh...urghh...!!!

Then when we walk out from Kino... my 'gud fren' give me pressiee...kind of shock.. a first meeting and there is a pressie for me.. heheh i was like... izzit?? seriously?? why??? heheheh they my 'gud fren' was like.. yeah it is for u.. heheh am serious.. haha kind of funny ehh... well it's not Funny dow.. hehe then i was like thanks...and look into the orangy plastic.. ohhhh a colorful lollypop...heheh first time in my life... went out and meeting a person for the first time... and get a lollypop as a pressie.. heheh but i appreciate it... so cool eh... heheh remind me of Lenka's song title: The Show... so sweet & cute... just like the lollypop...heheh candy mandy lollypoppy... heheh.. i Love it so much.. so sweet... and i still keep it in my bedroom & it's in my Book Rack... d lollypoppy bcome one of my book rack accessorries... *psssttt...luckily my nephew & niece didnt saw it if not.. it gonna end up in their tummy.. n theres goes my memory of that day hahahahhehe....

Walkin out from Kino...my Gud Fren hands me the orangy plastic... was wondering whats inside it?? heeemmm???huh??!!

TaaaaDaaaa...Its colorfull lollypoppy in it...heheh sweet & cute eh...welll love it...even i dont really take sweet thingy but still love..love it as an accessories for my Book rack..heheh....THanks Gud Fren....

Afterwards....went to lunch with my gud fren.... and i hd chicken tenpayaki for my lunch as always... heheh i dont know y.. whenever i came to klcc... i will surely gettin lure & tempted by the tenpayaki red stall hehe..... then chit chat for awhile with the gud fren of mine..... around 4 or 5 pm something.. my sissy called me up... asked me to accompany her to Klang... welll... family hv to come first rite... so i zooooommm out from klcc and went back... luckily klcc n my house was abt 10 mins journey...heheh.. nearby larr...

After picking up the whole family... zoooommm to Klang....to make it short.... during dinner.. we supose to have dinner in Sunway.. but didnt make it.. coz my nephew bcome so cranky and we zooommm back.....and decided to have dinner in Sakura in tmn. Melawati nearby my house area...

Dinner end up in Sakura Kristal at Tmn.Melawati...hehe good food inside..try some...

Inside of the rest.. quite happening at nite..many people like to lepak-ing in here.....

Mama & Sissy order this three combination of food for them... they shared.....My sissy ol` time fav...singapore fried meehoon.....she surely gonna order this everytime we dine in here.....

Not forgettin the mixed veggies....my sissy & mama cant live with out veggies..Go Green!!

The Grandmother & Grandson ( my mum and nephew)... my nephew get so attached to my mum... and my mum love him so muchy... see how happy he is in his personal pouch
(like kangaroo pouch eh) hehe

Cranking at first....but at last he ordered his ol`time fav dinner...Fish & Chips... he cant live without western food...and guess what he love fishes so muchy....

Hot Chinese tea for me...and Honey tea ice for Mama.......see how diff our taste on drinks... the cold and the hot....
Me & Papa order the same food....Viatnamese Beef Noodles.....gossshhh this is my ol` time fav...cant get over it.. i think so far..this is the best one.. and other places serve better viatnamese beef noodles was in secret recipes & Viatnamese house in 1U.....

See ...me posing for my Viatnamese Beef Noodles before i eat those hehe....love em`...

Well..after dinner we heading home and by the time we reached home.... it was almost 11 something.. and every1 felt so sleepy & tired....there's goes our whole day......am so happy actually coz i get to spent my time with both fav person in my life.... My Gud Fren and my Dearest Family... love my family so muchy.......

tHe gOOdY gOOD tIMe......

Yesterday...what i did yesterday???!! aha... i help out my sister by bcoming her driver heheh...
Well.. am on holiday for a week due to the disaster that happen in UiTM shah alam... so got lots of free time to spent with ma` family....

Yesteday... i help my sister to send her kids to few classes & few placesss....

The Simpson & Silly Niece (Natasha) & Nephew (Eddie).... always full of stunts n styles..

First destination: Art Class... (Natasha & Eddie)
But too bad when we reach there... the teacher just sent sms to my sister that the class last minute cancel....

Getting ready and waiting for mummy ( my sister) to go art class.... to bad class cancel last minute......

So... we then changed our route to Jusco AU2.... coz my niece & nephew insist wanna go play in the BeeZ KiDZ Land.... enjoying their time in there... hehehhe....They look so cute jumping and screaming to whatever things it is.... heheh

Posing infront of their Beez Kidz Land... looks so energetic, cute and happy of course..heheh

Then my niece wanted to buy new dance shoe.. so my sissy bring her to one of the shoe shop in Jusco... the most silly thing happen.... where my nephew saw her sister get new shoe.. he wanted a new shoe too.. but when my sissy said "u not taking any dance class rite" then he make faces and start sulking..... luckily he has this cute faces when he start to sulk.. my sister then bought him a pair of new shoe... and guess what... on that spot he wear those shoe.. hahaha....silly kids...

Sissy with her kids (Prince Eddie & Princess Natasha)
Well... my sissy much much fairer n lighter than me.. so dont ask y i'm darker than her.. i was born with that kind of skin...hehhe.. usually when we went out lepak.. people usually will ask.. r u 2 bestfren..?? then we usually will said Yes.. hahah coz people hardly see us like sisters... hehe..

Then next & last destination: Dance class at LJ Studio in Ampang ( Natasha)

This is the last destination ... where i sent my niece to her modern dance class at Linda Jasmine studion (LJ Studio) in Ampang... me & my sister were quite exhausted by the time we reached the studio... hehehe d whole day was occupied by the two prince & princess heheh..

LJ Studio entrance.... well.. i think Linda Jasmine love purple so muchy... hehe every spot n area colored in light & dark purple....

Lj Dance Studio... see natasha the one wearing brown sleeveless, thight with skirt.. she the smallest among all.. heheh cute eh....The one who pointing with grey long sleeve is Teacher Remy the dance instructor... maybe some of u recognize him.. he is one of the instructor in sehati berdansa for Atilia and partner.... but too bad they didnt win.. heheh

One of the Video that i manage to record while natasha in the class... the mat salleh boy is Linda Jasmine's Son.. and he's the only boy who joined the dance class... heheh... and he's quite talented in dancing just like the mother...

Enjoy the video of natasha's modern dance class with Remy (instructor)...

The love life that i always wanted.......

Yesterday i was driving to few places around my area.....flyfm was playing one of this songs where it did catched my ear... the song was so sweet and cheerful.. i think its one of the offbeat kind of music but it was sweet and when i listen to it... i felt so happy and cheerful... i listened till the end of the song bcoz i wanted to know who's the singer of this song........

i think most of you hv listen to this song before... Title: The show by: Lenka.....

As soon as i arrived home.... i went to the net and surf the song on youtube... was so damn happy coz there's lots of this song listed in it.... listen to it over and over again without feelin` bored... and then i crave for more from Lenka.... i search her album and managed to find it.. was so damn happy....

One of her song that really catch my attention was the song titled: Knock Knock.... it remind me of someone that i just know and being close to.... well.. one of the lyric said :-

"You seem to know the way
To turn my frown Upside down
You always know what to say
To make me feel like everything's okay..
When life had locked me out I turned to you
And you open the door'
Cause you're all I need right now it's true
Nothin' works like you"

It really catch my attention and automatically make me remind of sumone which i hope he's one of the person who i can turn to whenever am sad or happy.....well as for now... he is the only one who always said sumthing that reallly make me seem okay whenever am sad or not in a mood... he will surely make me laugh or at least smile.. hehehe... sumtimes i did felt pissed of coz he likes to tease me... but it cheer up my day dow....heheheh nothing works like him...

So... now i was like kinda of addicted to Lenka songs... and surely am gonna get the full album of hers..... heheh

Take this... one of the kind from Lenka.....


A second
A minute
An hour
A day goes by
I'm hopin'
Just to be by your side
I'm turnin'
The handle
It won't open
Don't make me wait
Cause right now
I need your smile
Knock knock
When life had locked me out
I turned to you
So open the door
'Cause you're all I need right now it's true
Nothin' works like you
Little louder
Little louder
Little louder knockin'
Little louder
Little louder
A warm bath
A good laugh
An old song
That you know by heart
I've tried it
But they all leave me cold
So now I'm
Here waiting
To see you,
My remedy
For all that's
Been hurting me.
When life had locked me out
I turned to you
So open the door
'Cause you're all I need right now it's true
Nothin' works like you
You seem to know the way
To turn my frown
Upside down
You always know what to say
To make me feel like everything's okay
Little louder
Little louder
Little louder knockin' (oh oh)
Little louder
Little louder
Little louder knockin'
Little louder
Little louder
When life had locked me out
I turned to you
And you open the door
'Cause you're all I need right now it's true
Nothin' works like you
When life had knocked me down
Well I turned to you
And you open the door
'Cause you're all I need right now it's true
Nothin' works like you
Little louder
Little louder
Little louder knockin'
Little louder
Little louder
Nothin' works like you, oh oh
Little louder knockin'
Little louder
Little louder
Little louder knockin'
Little louder
Little louder
Little louder knockin'
When life had locked me out
Well I turned to you
And you open the door
You're all I need right now it's true
Nothin' works like you

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