HeLL of Student's LiFes...AcadeMic wRiTing....

Well... it's been damned long time i didnt update nething in my lil'bloggie.... i suppose to finish up my academic writing as i need to submit it on this Friday.. but too much of formal words that i need to deal with this week.. so i decided to take a break and have some typing of more relaxing wording...which is blogging...yeaaayyy!!!

Well.. i suppose can finish up my academic writing on last week, but too bad i was down with fever and flu, and i was unable to accommodate myself to do anything... i was just lying and sleeping all day long for about a week till my sickness say bye-bye to me... but it was nice dow because i been accompany by my favorite series which is The Fringe.. gosh when i watched it i suddenly felt regeret i didnt took up any saintis subject such as biochemistry subject during my diploma or after my spm last time...wakakka what a tot i guess... been damned influence by the series.. suddenly i want to become walter bishop.....

Neway... so much stories i missed out from my frens as i was sick and unable to lepak-ing with them on the whole week... and so much thing happen too.... need to update myself on this Friday... wait for me xoxo team.. heheh~

Okay..i think thats all for now.. i need to get back to my lovely and charming academic writing works... as i cant be too long to be away from it... thats y i really cant wait on friday as i will let you (academic writing) fly away freely and be with Zali forever....and make sure you say good thing bout me and help me to hypnotize him to give me an A+ okay academic writing... i'm good to you so u need superbly good to me too... muackksss till then xoxo~


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